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New ECS Exception Offer: Where a Windows customer (either new, renewal or midterm) signs on for Windows User SA either as standalone or via ECS, then a Get Mobile exception will be granted to allow a $50/device rebate on any Windows 8/8.1 Pro tablet up to and including 10.8” device size. All other terms of Get Mobile will remain the same.
Devices Covered:
  • Windows 8 Pro Tablets*
  • Windows 8.1 Pro Tablets*
  • * <10.1" and as per Microsoft Tablet Definitions.
  Rebate Availability:
Customer may claim rebate at any time from December 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. Multiple device purchases should be submitted at one time only.
  Terms & Conditions:
Please make sure to read Terms & Conditions. By submitting the below form you are agreeing to Microsoft’s Terms & Conditions.

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Please fill out the below form to redeem your Get Mobile Device Rebate. Make sure to use your unique coupon code provided by your Microsoft Account team.

The rebate may be claimed only once per customer. Therefore all proof of purchase and shipment documents should be submitted at the one time. Once the rebate claim has been submitted no further claims may be made.

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Promo Terms – Nov 1, 2014 – Jun 30, 2015
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Date(s) of Shipment
Promo Terms – Nov 1, 2014 – Jun 30, 2015
Enter Shipping Date or a range if more than one shipment.
Proof of Purchase (Required to your Account Manager by June 30th.)
In order to claim the Rebate, a Qualifying Customer must also submit the following “Supporting Evidence,” together with the Rebate Coupon Code before the Rebate End Date.

Please scan all Purchase Orders, Invoices and Shipping Documentation into a single .pdf file
and upload it below. Scans must be clear and readable.
  • Details of their Qualifying Agreement
  • Details of the Eligible Devices purchased, including quantity and type
  • Proof of purchase of all Eligible Devices for which that Qualifying Customer wishes to claim a Rebate, being an invoice or invoices from the seller(s) of those Eligible Devices, dated within the Program Term and detailing the Qualifying Customer (as identified on the Qualifying License) as the purchaser of those Eligible Devices, together with proof of payment of such invoices, being for example a ‘paid’ stamped invoice, or payment records
  • Proof of delivery of all Eligible Devices for which the Qualifying Customer wishes to claim a Rebate, being a waybill or other delivery note showing the Qualifying Customer taking receipt of those Eligible Devices within the Program Term

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